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Want a more cost efficient cloud solution?


is the average budget overrun

Your company’s digitalization is at risk

Falling prices on IT – also known as Moore’s law – has helped budgets stay stable despite increasing use. In the public clouds, falling prices are no longer a given due to complex and everchanging pricing models.

If you don’t do cloud cost management you will either see your IT costs skyrocket or your digitalization efforts slow down significantly.

We do understand that you and your cloud team don’t need another task.

So, wouldn’t it be great if cloud cost management was not time-consuming, and actually provided a learning experience?

Easy and Risk Free to Get Started

You want to focus on delivering business value, but you know that you need to manage cost. Our Cloud Cost Management service is designed to make your life a little easier:

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Collect Data

We guide you through data collection in 15 minutes. No installation, no access, no sensitive data.




Crunch Numbers

We crunch the numbers, identify all relevant savings, and specify the required actions. We do this with AI and experienced advisors.




Online workshop

We guide you through the recommendations and other topics of your choice so you can move straight to implementation.




Saving Money

You can watch your spend drop, celebrate with your team, and get ready for the weekend.

Control your cloud spend with
these three simple tools

Cost Efficiency

We calculate everything you already saved. You will get a rating on your cost efficiency, as you may know from energy ratings.

Additional Savings Potential

This is a summary of what are the key areas where you have additional savings possibilities. We look across service categories and calculate total annual “Savings potential”. 

Actions ready to Implement

This is where we get into the details of what you actually need to do to implement the savings potential.

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