Decisions about where and how to run IT now and in the future have massive financial and strategic impact. As such, these decisions should be made on a deep understanding of current environment and future needs and possibilities. Not vendor-driven agendas.

At Kostner we use AI and Big Data to objectively answer the important questions within IT:

  • Where are you today? Baselining and benchmarking costs and configurations
  • Where are you going? Simulating your environment running on new platforms
  • How can you reduce costs? Reducing consumption and choosing the best technology, license, or lifecycle strategy.

We create real value for our customers. Our results are tailor-made for you and easily implemented. We rely on the Pareto or 80/20 principle, to focus only on what creates the greatest value.

Not only is our AI-driven delivery model different. So is our business model.

At Kostner you can’t buy consulting hours. We deliver outcomes, and charge according to insight value and cost impact.

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What our customers say about us:


“Kostner’s unusual ability to merge knowledge, experience, curiosity, and technology into a positive business outcome, and with surprisingly little effort from my organization, is unlike any other consultancy I have worked with.”

Ole Hauris Sørensen, Former IT Operations Managers, Hofor (2018)… Read more “Hofor”

Region Zealand

“Working with Kostner Group has been very positive. We have become aware of our large software contracts structure and dependence of infrastructure decisions. And we have found good opportunities for realizing cost optimization.” Per Buchwaldt, CIO Corporate IT, Region Zealand, Denmark (2017)

FL Smidth

“The team behind Kostner is highly competent, and have a unique understanding of the inner workings of an organizations IT infrastructure.” Jens Almdal, Senior Vice President Group R&D, Country Manager Denmark (2016)


“Our experience with KOSTNER was a smooth data collection phase, requiring little effort from my own IT organization. It was sustained by a competent walkthrough of an analysis report with recommendations on a ready-to-deploy level.”

Jack Leslie Myrup, IT Director, ROCKWOOL
Read more “Rockwool”



By using data, analytics, AI and other tools we cut through the complexity and get to the facts.

We have analyzed dozens of IT environments ranging from massive IT Service Providers and Financial Institutions, to NGOs and medium sized enterprises.

These environments have tens of thousands of servers, exabytes of storage, and savings potential in the tens of millions of dollars.

We want to share some of the insights gained with you.

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Public cloud is expensive:

Cloud is all the rage these days. Cloud first is the battle cry of Microsoft, Amazon, and Gartner. However, when simulating Infrastructure-as-a-Service items like VMs, SQL Servers, and Storage, our data shows Public Cloud to be 2.5 to 3 times more expensive in a lift-and-shift scenario.


Hardware should be replaced every 2 to 3 years

Server hardware comprises a smaller and smaller portion of overall IT costs. However, as most infrastructure software cost is driven by CPU configuration, keeping ageing machines around to “sweat the assets” is a very expensive strategy. Break-even time is somewhere around 2.5 to 3 years, not the 4 to 5 years we see in customer environments today.


SQL Server is more expensive than servers, OS, power and cooling...Combined

In our True-down License Optimization Analysis, we look at applications like SQL Server. On average a customer today spends as much on SQL Server Software Assurance as they do on server hardware, power and cooling, and operating systems. Combined. Keep this in mind when choosing what to optimize first.