KOSTNER uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data to analyze and optimize large corporate technology expenditures, typically cutting costs by 25%.

By replacing expensive consultants with AI we can now do advisory projects in 20 hours, not 2,000. Not only is it faster, it is better too.

We run billions of simulations, meaning we get the right answer, every time.

Our customers already include many of Denmark’s largest enterprises: FL Smidth, Arla, Vestas, Oticon, and Pandora, and we are looking to expand internationally.

There is no easier way to increase profitability than to lower costs, and there is no easier way to lower costs, than KOSTNER’s Rightlicensing™ services.

KOSTNER uses AI to analyze your workload and license portfolio. Our analytics engine designs the ideal choice of license models, infrastructure choices, and workload placements, and draws a clear blueprint for getting there.

The result? 25% reduction in license costs.

We optimize Microsoft On-Prem licenses, Office 365, Azure, and VMware.

In total your time investment for a project is around 50 hours, including implementation.

Profitability and Cost optimization is a CIO priority and a CIO decision. Book us HERE, and we will show you how easy it can be, to achieve your top business objective.

Thanks AI.


Outline of our services



“Kostner’s unusual ability to merge knowledge, experience, curiosity, and technology into a positive business outcome, and with surprisingly little effort from my organization, is unlike any other consultancy I have worked with.”

Ole Hauris Sørensen, Former IT Operations Managers, Hofor (2018) Read more “Hofor”

Region Zealand

“We have become aware of our large software contracts structure and dependence of infrastructure decisions.”

Per Buchwaldt, CIO Corporate IT, Region Zealand, Denmark (2017) Read more “Region Zealand”

FL Smidth

“The team behind Kostner is highly competent, and have a unique understanding of the inner workings of an organizations IT infrastructure.”

Jens Almdal, Senior Vice President Group R&D, Country Manager Denmark (2016) Read more “FL Smidth”


“Our experience with KOSTNER was a smooth data collection phase, requiring little effort from my own IT organization. It was sustained by a competent walkthrough of an analysis report with recommendations on a ready-to-deploy level.”

Jack Leslie Myrup, IT Director, ROCKWOOL
Read more “Rockwool”



We rely on data collected from management systems you already have in place.

We process that data in our AI analytics engines.

In a few concentrated, short workshops, we review our initial findings and deepen our understanding of your situation and further tailor our recommendations.

We present the final result and take you through our suggestions for the implementation projects.

We remain in the loop until you have successfully implemented the findings and reaped the rewards.

In all, this process takes 4-5 weeks, and requires only 50 hours of your time.

See our full delivery model in detail here.