Since when did choosing the more reliable, cheaper, and better performing option become something you had to defend?

Since the massive cloud hype marketing machine came to town, that’s when!

From our analysis, we can prove beyond any doubt and uncertainty, buying cloud IAAS is significantly more expensive – 2-4 TIMES more expensive – than placing infrastructure in the datacenter. We have analyzed tens of thousands of servers and found universally, on-premises wins on cost.

Want proof? Ask your data at Cloud Cost Comparison

“Cloud is like IT in a power outlet” – yep, and there’s a reason we have back-up generators and USPs for our equipment… Cloud introduces a lot of risk factors beyond our own control. Major outages like the AWS S3 storage outage this spring left all of us having to go outside and play instead of being on twitter. Not cool Amazon, not cool! And yes, on-prem has outages too. But – we have much more control, and the scale is typically not “nothing works”. And again, unless you are talking dark fiber to a cloud connection center in a country near you, you’ll be relying on your internet connections stability. Ours is not 99.99%, nothing even close.

Yes, the Cloud offers “massive scale” – but boy does it come at a price. We use SQL Databases, and the time it takes to complete something in an Azure SQL DB versus a DB running on a laptop is mindbogglingly slow. “You can just scale up” – yes, but we’re a start-up, we’re not made of money, and also, every time I do scale, it drops my connections. Whitepaper says it shouldn’t, but it does.

So…. Will you choose Cloud simply because that is what marketing has told your upper management is “the only way forward”, or will you use logic, facts, and data and chose what is right for your environment today?