AI can provide clarity for your IT future


For CIO’s, deciding where to run IT in the future has become an increasingly daunting task.

With so many different solutions available, the decision of where and how to run IT goes deeper than deciding between cloud, outsourcing or running IT in-house.

Decisions have to be made about which servers to use, what licenses are best for your businesses needs, what payment method you want, just to name a few of the decisions facing CIO’s today.

Suddenly there are millions of possibilities and making a decision reaches a complexity level well beyond what is humanly capable.

With so much to consider it is only natural to want help when navigating the many possibilities in front of you.

However, getting outside advice can be difficult too and there are several things to consider before taking it on.

Bias as an example. Do they have a goal in selling you a specific solution? Are they advising you on the best solution or the solution that benefits them the most?

Expecting your technical- or operations-staff to take all this into consideration is unreasonable.

AI can help provide clarity in the endless possibilities facing any CIO.

AI technology can simulate and analyze every possible solution without any bias to find the best fit for your needs out of the millions of combinations available to you.

All that is needed from you is data. Asking your data beats using a typical consultancy approach requiring countless hours and resources.

At Kosnter we create AI technology to advise you on the best solution for your IT needs through our Kostner Clarity™ service.

Where and how to run IT is a CIO decision. So is seeking the right assistance in making it.

Book us, and we will show you how easy it can be to achieve the best solution possible.

Thanks AI.