How AI can keep costs low as IT spending worldwide continues to rise

The position of CIO is one with an ever-growing list of daunting tasks and objectives. “Digitize our business”, “disrupt everything”, “why aren’t you 3D printing more things”.

Yet, CIO’s are still facing the critical challenge of paying for all this, while keeping their existing environment running smoothly, and keeping costs low.

In Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda report, 10% of CIO’s cited “profit improvement, profitability, or asset monetization” as the top business objective for the next two years.

An additional 5% cited “cost optimization, cost management, or cost reduction” as the top business objective.

The easiest way to increase profitability is to reduce costs. Cost optimization is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve with IT operation costs soaring like never before. We’re no longer being bailed out by falling hardware costs. Software and Services get more expensive every year, and take up a larger and larger share of costs.

Worldwide spending on IT operations is projected to reach $3.8 trillion in 2019 with cloud service costs rising by 22%.

Higher costs and more emphasis on cost reduction go hand in hand and luckily wherever you do decide to run your IT, be it in the cloud or elsewhere there is money to be saved in the optimization of how you license and consume those services.

The process of optimizing and cleaning up in an IT environment can be daunting in itself with many hours of valuable time being used on outside consultants who in the end often fail to provide concrete savings. Add to that the complexity of software licensing and cloud service offerings, and knowing what to choose and how to save becomes nearly impossible.

AI is now changing this.

KOSTNER’s Rightlicensing™ services have already helped numerous companies optimize their IT, saving millions in costs.

Doing so in very short time.

By using data, AI technology analyzes your workload and license portfolio to give you the ideal choice of license models, infrastructure decisions and workload placements tailor-made for your IT needs.

Using the solutions provided by our AI, KOSTNER can help guide you towards concrete solutions and draw a clear blueprint of how to get there.

KOSTNER optimizes Microsoft On-Prem licenses, Office 365, Azure, and VMware consumption, saving an average of 25% on license costs, leaving you with more money on the bottom line to spend elsewhere. On 3D printers for example.

Profitability and Cost optimization is a CIO priority and a CIO decision. Book us, and we will show you how easy it can be, to achieve your top business objective.

Thanks AI.