Danish municipalities could save 380 million by optimizing their IT


Municipalities in Denmark could save around 380 million DKK a year by optimizing their IT according to a report by PwC.

The report looked at IT departments of 23 municipalities in Denmark finding a total spending of 7.5 billion DKK between them in 2017.

IT departments put this down to an increased focus on digitalization both politically and from corporate leaders.

PwC’s findings project there could be an optimization potential of 380 million DKK, equalling 5% of total national expenditure in IT departments across Danish municipalities.

Private sector industries are also prioritizing cost avoidance solutions in IT to keep spending down.

In both sectors, there are millions to be saved and those savings can be even bigger thanks to AI technology.

While consultancies can pitch big savings, AI can show you actual solutions to optimize costs by analyzing every possible scenario for an IT environment.

Using data instead of people also means a more effective process that can provide actionable and concrete optimization solutions tailor-made for specific needs.

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