Technology has changed the way we live, many would say for the better, and will continue to do so in the future.

4th generation tech like artificial intelligence helps us with everyday tasks like getting from A to B and clearing unwanted spam emails from our mailbox.

AI can assist us in many ways and make decisions beyond human capability.

That is why KOSTNER decided to use AI technology to revolutionalize IT advisory, creating economic and IT optimization like never before.

Building a business on new technology is exciting but also comes with its challenges.

KOSTNER co-founder Mikkel Næsager has designed a template based on four pillars to consider when creating a business on new technologies.

Value Creation

Arguably the most critical place to start when creating a new business is defining the value your product or service has for customers.

One way to define this is by looking at what problems you can solve.

If the problem is already being solved today by a competitor, consider how 4th generation technology could potentially solve it in a better way.

​At KOSTNER for example, this means simulating and optimizing IT infrastructure with AI.

This means we can provide advisory with data-driven answers in the millions of possibilities usually well beyond human capability.

Delivery Model

Using AI means KOSTNER can simulate and analyze more in two hours than what can typically be done in 100+ hours of consultancy.

Delivering the results traditionally however, would mean many hours would still be spent on interviews and other time-consuming meetings.

Instead, KOSTNER sends simple scripts for data collection based on pre-defined data structures.

In return, KOSTNER’s algorithms simulate new platforms and optimization, delivered in a few intense workshops supplemented by a detailed advisory report.

Business Model

The streamlined method KOSTNER uses eliminates an hourly rate so a new way of selling advisory is needed.

KOSTNER calls its product advisory as a service, which means a fixed price one time or on a subscription basis.

This means challenging the traditional status quo of how advisory works, so be prepared to be met with some skepticism.

Sales Strategy

4th generation tech like AI can be a great door opener when trying to sell a product but be wary that not everyone thinks or wants to optimize.

So far, we have found that selling optimization regarding costs and IT infrastructure can be a sensitive area, people who are skeptical either do not want a machine to tell them how they can be better or fear it will make them look bad in front of their superiors.

That being said, KOSTNER has so far in its young startup life already worked with the majority of Denmarks biggest enterprises who see KOSTNER’s service as a valuable asset to help optimize their IT infrastructure, saving money in the process.

New technologies can help us in ways previously not humanly possible so whether you are a consumer or a creator use these technologies to your advantage for an improved and optimized future.

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