A Very Merry AI Christmas

Artificial Intelligence plays a bigger role in a lot more of our Christmas-related activities than many of us expect.

That is according to studies by Accenture and Deloitte who predict over 60% of people will actively use AI during the Christmas period.

Many of us, however, do not realize just how integrated AI technology has become in our day to day lives.

Online shopping continues to soar and Accenture found in their survey that 70% of us will use e-commerce platforms to find our Christmas gifts.

Although not super obvious from the outside, AI helps create better search results, more accurate recommendations, and rapid chat service assistants for costumers among many other things.

Buying presents is not the only way we use AI to assist us during the Christmas period.

As many of us journey home to family or friends for Christmas we use AI-powered travel apps to help us get from A to B in the most convenient way possible in our, you guessed it, AI-assisted cars.

Time with family and friends around the holidays also usually means time for movies and music while we patiently wait for the festivities to begin.

AI plays a role here too in providing recommendations on video or music streaming services based on the time of year and what you previously have enjoyed.

Some of us may even find AI under our Christmas tree this year in the form of the increasingly popular voice assistants, Alexa or Google Assistant.

Even if we do not directly realize it, AI is assisting our decision making in ways beyond human capability.

That is one of the many reasons why KOSTNER is using AI and data to revolutionize IT advisory.

With AI technology KOSTNER has helped some of Denmark and Europe’s most prominent firms optimize and save millions in their IT infrastructure.

To find out more and how KOSTNER can do the same for you, book a meeting with us today and visit kostner.com