Top Challenges Facing CIO’s Today

At Kostner, we want to make life easier for our customers through the use of AI and Big Data.

IT infrastructure can be difficult to navigate at times with many challenges and choices to make.

Having spent the last couple of years optimizing IT infrastructure with firms in all shapes and sizes, we have compiled the biggest challenges facing the industry today for specific roles.

CIO’s face the difficult challenge of ensuring their IT infrastructure runs optimally while keeping costs as low as possible.

Three areas specifically are critical initiatives for any CIO wanting their department to run at the best possible level.

Understanding Costs – Baseline and Benchmarks

Knowing where you stand compared to industry competitors is an essential tool in assessing progress.

Baseline and benchmarks give you a valuable overview to compare your progress and achievements alongside similar IT infrastructures.

Understanding costs through baseline and benchmarks can also help give an overview of where money is being spent and where it could be optimized.

Platform Choice

Where you decide to run IT can have a significant impact on costs and optimization of your IT infrastructure.

That is why choosing a platform that best fits your needs can be vital in successfully running IT.

Whether opting to run On-Prem or in the Cloud, there are still millions of solutions to go through to ensure your IT infrastructure runs tailored to your needs.

Cost Savings and Optimization

Worldwide spending on IT operations is projected to reach $3.8 trillion in 2019 with cloud service costs rising by 22%.

This also means cutting costs is a top priority for CIO’s no matter where they operate, be it On-Prem or in the Cloud.

According to Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda report, 10% of CIO’s cited “profit improvement, profitability or asset monetization” as the top business objective for the next two years while an additional 5% cited, “cost optimization, cost management or cost reduction” as the top business objective.

Optimizing and cleaning up an IT environment can be a daunting task, taking up many valuable hours with outside consultants, the complexity of software licensing and cloud service offerings.

How Can We Help?

KOSTNER uses AI and Big Data to make these challenges attainable, providing concrete solutions through our insight with a clear road map of how to get there.

Profitability and Cost Optimization is a CIO priority and a CIO decision.

Get in touch, and we will show you how easy it can be to achieve your business objectives.