Why Throw Away Your Hard-Earned Gold?

Current trends are a gold rush for cloud providers but what exactly does that mean for you?

Cloud providers continue to make record profits year after year but the customers they provide for are struggling with cost management and billions of dollars in wasted cloud spend.

Cloud prices have for the most part not declined like On-Prem storage prices but that does not seem to keep customers away from contributing to cloud providers exponential growth in 2019.

Public cloud revenue is expected to rise by a staggering 17.5% in 2019 bringing the total spend on cloud up over 200 billion dollars.

This makes cloud the fastest growing market segment in IT.

Cloud has become a gold-rush, a promise at something great by all the possibilities it brings.

Everyone is developing a cloud strategy and not having one is seen as falling behind.

Investing in a cloud strategy is a top 3 priority for enterprises but once they are in the cloud managing cloud costs becomes one of the top challenges.

This comes in light of eye-opening findings showing that about 15 billion if not more of cloud spend is wasted money.

Worldwide public cloud service revenues are not predicted to slow down anytime soon, they actually look to continue drastically and we could see the total revenue rise but further 100 billion dollars to almost 350 billion by 2022.

The primary honeymoon phase after ‘striking the gold’ is quickly replaced by the very real escalated costs month for month that had not been calculated from the start.

Now you risk crippling your budget just to follow the trend.

Just like with real gold, knowing where and how to best manage cloud can be extremely tricky.

In fact staying on top of the changes and trends in cloud is way beyond what any CIO and his employees are capable of.

Not because they are not talented but because of how constant and dynamic these changes are.

Getting someone with the know-how to manage your cloud costs is not a question of personal ability but an essential service to get the most out of your cloud services and manage the escalating costs.

We use AI to manage cloud costs because AI can give us an independent look drawing on all possibilities to make sure your money is not wasted.

Cloud cost optimization is a priority for many, but it is also an achievable goal with Kostner’s Cloud Intelligence.

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