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Choose where you want to start saving – and see your costs go down one week from now.

Kostner SAVE for Azure


Everything you need to get savings done on Azure with minimum time invested. The best of two worlds – a great tool operated by experienced advisors. Get tailored actionable recommendations ready to implement with an expert guide to answer all your questions.


Enjoy the satisfaction when you check off “cost optimization” from your to-do list and move onto other tasks.


Savings in hours not months. Don’t spend your time reading cost documentation. Spend your time where it counts.


See real cost savings immediately. We cover every angle – also those you didn’t yet know existed.

So, What Exactly is Kostner SAVE for Azure?

Cost Efficiency Rating

We calculate everything you already saved. You will get a rating on your cost efficiency, as you may know from energy ratings.

Additional Savings Potential

This is a summary of what are the key areas where you have additional savings possibilities. We look across service categories and calculate total annual “Savings potential”.

The “Cost Efficiency Rating” and the “Savings Potential are great to talk to your boss and senior management about.

Actions ready to Implement

This is where we get into the details of what you actually need to do to implement the savings potential.

On the online implementation meeting we will walk through all the recommendations and if you can do them straight away or need to schedule them for a service windom.

Did you say one week to get savings done?

Yes, we use existing data and our experienced advisors analyze the data with AI. That is why we can do it in only one week. And you only need to spend 2-3 hours!


We guide you through data collection in 20 minutes. (The Azure Detailed Usage Report - no installation, sniffers, or access required)


We crunch the numbers, identify all relevant savings and specify the required actions. We do this with AI and experienced advisors (read more below).


We guide you through understanding and implementing the savings in a two hour online workshop.

… and Friday you can watch your spend drop, celebrate with your team, and get ready for weekend.

Every day is costing you money - listen for 12 seconds and understand why

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Hver dag er det penge ud af vinduet.

Why didnøt i do this sooner?

AI makes all fruit lowhanging fruit

“Most managers are doing a good job and are saving their companies a lot of money”

“The complexity of pricing in Azure makes it virtually impossible to optimize cost without the use of technology and devoting all your energy to this task”

Mikkel Næsager, Kostner

It is Easy to Get Started - and Risk Free

We know you have a lot on your plate. More than enough! And cost savings are just one of those things you need to get off your check list, so you can focus on more important things. This is why we try to make your life as uncomplicated as possible by having have three risk free options for you to get started:

Free Trial

SAVE for Azure
  • Cost Efficiency Rating
  • Additional Savings Potential
  • Cost Saving Actions*
FREE - No Credit Card Required

Annual Subscription

SAVE for Azure
  • Cost Efficiency Rating
  • Additional Savings Potential
  • Unlimited Cost Saving Actions
  • Four Quarterly Reports
  • Unlimited Priority Support
Best price
Unconditional Money Back Guarantee


SAVE for Azure
  • Cost Efficiency Rating
  • Additional Savings Potential
  • Unlimited Cost Saving Actions
Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

Don't spend time making decisions. and Celebrate!

How is this different?

We know that you are familiar with all the concepts for cost savings in Azure and you already saved large amounts for your company.

However, there are simply too many options out there for anyone – including us – to have a complete overview. Just to illustrate there are more than 6 million price points for a virtual machine if you take into account all configurations, regions, price models etc.

We cover all Azure reservation categories – 18 in  total. You might know of reserved instances for virtual machines, but have you reserved SUSE Linux?

On your behalf we invested a few thousand hours to build a proprietary technology solution that does the hard work, and we continue to spend hundreds of hours every year on keeping Azure pricing updated and read all the fine print in the licensing agreements.

This is why you will be able to get savings done with so little effort from your side.

Want to learn more about our solution? Download a description of how our technology works (“How-it-works”).

Or why not simply try it out with our Free Trial. You invest 3 hours of your time and get 5.000€ worth of annual savings. No Credit Card required. It is probably faster to try it out than investigate further.

Want to Learn More about Azure Cost Savings?

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This is a live webinar so you can ask all your questions to our experienced advisors.

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