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At Kostner, we provide an efficient and high impact service developed and based on AI, big data and algorithms that enables our clients to cut spending in their virtual server environment.

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Compare with Cloud

We simulate your environment running in AWS and Azure, and give you an accurate benchmark of your current costs versus AWS or Azure.

Benchmark your Costs

We use analytics to calculate your costs from the ground up – power, hardware, virtualizer, OS and even some applications like SQL Server. Knowing how each contributes is the first step to lower costs!

Document your Efficiency

Quick and accurate figures for running servers, host hardware, cluster configuration, and utilization.

Fast and Safe

The analysis is performed easily. You run a simple transparent script, and send us the data. We run through our AI algorithms to analyze your setup and calculate your costs.

With the Kostner Virtual Server Benchmark, you’ll get Insight for Action. We provide a complete picture of Utilization and Spending for each Cluster, Host, and VM, as well as a Server Cloud Cost Comparison benchmark report.

You will know how you perform, your cost compared to running in the cloud, and how you compare to other on-premise solutions. The most efficient way to get an overview of your environment and costs. Can you afford not to know?

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The Virtual Server Benchmark is available in two modes. Basic is the fastest, utilizing list prices. Advanced adds benchmark of applications like SQL Server, and lets you use your own prices with discounts from Microsoft and VMware.




Cloud Cost Comparison

Environment Documentation

Capacity Benchmark

Accurate bottom-up Cost Benchmark (List Prices)

Accurate bottom-up Server Cost Benchmark (Your Prices)

Application Cost Benchmark (Your Prices)


€ 5,000

€ 10.000

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