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The best way to save on Cloud is the one you GET DONE

The question I get most often from companies considering buying our savings-as-a-service is “How are you different from the other companies claiming they can save me money?”.

And sure, I could explain to you how our algorithms are greater/better/deeper, how we cover literally hundreds of ways to save, how we have such and such reference case, how our guides take you through every step, and on and on and on.

But, at the end – I would be answering the wrong question.

The question that should be asked, is “How do we get savings done?”

Whether solution A could save you 18% and solution B could save you 21%, or tool X has so and so many features, while tool Y has slightly fewer – or more, that really has very little impact on the end result.

Your company most likely already has tools today, if nothing else, most major cloud platforms come with some savings initiative recommendation platform. And yet, we’re still saving every single customer money. A lot of money.

How? Well, I don’t lack a ribbed six-pack abdomen because I don’t know how to do a sit-up. I know. It’s not that I’ve never joined a gym or haven’t bought an ab-roller on a home shopping network.

It’s that I don’t get it done. And spending weeks or months evaluating solutions isn’t going to get cost savings done either.

And that is how we’re different: everything we do is about ensuring you Get. Savings. Done. In one week. In just a few hours in fact.

Savings-as-a-Service means:

  1. You buy online, with no risk and a full money-back guarantee.
  2. We take you through 3 simple steps:
    1. An onboarding call to plan the next two steps and brief all stakeholders
    1. A data collection call where you get data collection done
    1. A results presentation and implementation workshop where we talk through the activities that need to happen, and we start executing. Right there on the meeting.
  3. You celebrate actually getting savings done.

No tool to implement, integrate, secure, and learn how to use.

No team to hire, we’ve got the cost optimization experts and you’ve got the technical staff to implement the savings.

No “behind the scenes” optimization by the same vendor who makes money selling you cloud.

Want more differentiators?

We’re independent: We don’t sell cloud, consultancy, licenses, or indeed anything else, other than savings-as-a-service. We don’t have a conflict of interest between the department that makes money of off selling you the very same cloud another department is selling you a savings analysis of. We aren’t scared of jeopardizing our relationship with Microsoft or Amazon if we put the pedal to the metal in helping you save. Independence allows us to focus on just that one thing – making sure you get savings done. It’s the only way we can make money, and the only way you’re likely to recommend us.

A final one?

We cover every angle. All other solutions out there target either a) DevOps staff focusing on things like rightsizing, b) procurement focusing on reservations, or c) asset management focusing on licensing. We cover all these angles and many more, but we’ll only ever show you the things that actually have a material financial impact and can be done in little time.

That’s our side of the story, but the proof is in the eating. So why not try us? You can even get a free trial – a full featured service, limited to €5.000 of savings. Done in one week, of course.

Four Steps to Cost Savings

“Consume Less”

(Gartner Group)

While that is a good piece of advice, it is not exactly actionable. Gartner puts out a lot of good research – and their piece on 8 actions CIOs must take during COVID-19 for financial survival is not an exception. However, we think we can contribute by making it a little less abstract.

We suggest four simple steps to consume less in a way where you will immediately see an impact on your spend.

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AWS: A New Way to Save Alert

New storage Elasticsearch tier in AWS

We all know the story of Goldilocks and the Three bears. One bed was too big, one bed was too small, and one was just right.

Well, until now in AWS for storage, it’s either been too big or too small (or too fast or too slow), with fast(ish) EBS and slow S3 being your choices. This has been a challenge for certain large-volume datasets that need fast performance, at least in the early phase.

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How long should I wait before buying reservations?

A customer in the middle of a cloud journey to Azure asked me this question. They have not yet settled on all architectural decisions for their virtual server environment and they are not running full scale yet. A great question to ask – because one thing you do not want is to limit your flexibility and risk wasting money. After all, isn’t flexibility one of the key things cloud is all about?

Fortunately, the answer is in most cases straight forward:

“Start reserving now!”

There are four main reasons behind this:

  1. The savings on many reservations are so large that payback time is very short. Breakeven is often 5-6 months for a 1-year reservation and 9-12 months for a 3-year reservation.
  2. Most reservations can – at no cost – be changed to other reservations within a similar category of workload.
  3. Reservations for up to USD 50.000 per running 12 months may be canceled.
  4. As Azure fills up, the discount you get for reserving falls over time.
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Save money on Office 365

A small business owner recently asked me what she could do to lower their spend on Office 365. At $150 per user per year for the Business Premium package (the Business series is for companies with up to 300 users), it adds up.

So, what can you do?

Well, with all user-based software, you should do three things:

  1. Make sure you only license the users you need to
  2. See if you can use a smaller license package
  3. Consider other options
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3 Ways to Reduce your Cloud Costs

– More than 14 billion dollars were wasted on cloud spend in 2019.

Reduce your cloud costs Marie Kondo style! Have you heard of Marie Kondo? She is a tidying consultant who helps families organize their lives by reducing wasted space, material items, and time.

While watching her carefully organize peoples’ closets, I began to draw parallels between this process and cloud management.

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