We Baseline, Benchmark, and Simulate your On-Premises or Hosted platform. We process your data, generate insights and optimization recommendations, then present you with the findings and actionable insights.

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Get full Clarity of your On-Premises Costs Today


You extract data via scripts


Our AI processes your data


Our expert advisors present the findings


You implement the actions and start saving

Understand your Virtual Server Infrastructure Costs in depth

Accurate, Highly Detailed Baseline

We build a complete cost baseline for each Cluster, and indeed VM. This includes Floorspace, Power, Cooling, Hardware, Virtualization Software, and Operating Systems.

Internal and External Benchmark

Does Bangkok outperform Boston? What can we save by centralizing IT? How do we compare to other companies running a similar infrastructure? Get a truly useful benchmark with directly actionable insight.

Understand Consumption Patterns

Is your Virtual Server Environment well utilized? With a good balance between the important resources? Our data suggest most environments can cut costs significantly by improving the consumption patterns. See exactly where and how.

A Perfect Dialogue Tool

Most of our customers save a lot of money. All of our customers get new insights, that allow them to bridge the gap between non-technical management, and technical staff. This leads to better decision-making, higher levels of cooperation, and over all better business outcomes.

Simulate Your Future Environment

What would it cost to run in Public Cloud?

Public Cloud is a huge topic at the moment. Yet, most customers do not have the data to create a realistic business case. Because we have an accurate picture of your current cost, and an accurate cloud simulation engine, we are able to tell you with a high degree of accuracy, what cloud would cost, and when there is – or often isn’t – a positive business case.

Time for a Hardware Refresh?

Today, the majority of infrastructure costs are Software driven. As a result, refreshing hardware more often can lead to large savings. However, it all depends on the specific workloads and configurations you are running.
We simulate your environment running on new hardware – across all vendors, models, configurations, high-availability scenarios and more. This provides a great picture of the most cost optimal way to design your next infrastructure.