Avoid Overpaying and Stay in Control of your Cloud Costs

Choose where you want independent, AI-based, actionable recommendations, and start improving your cloud cost management efforts.

Cloud Cost Management

This product is for you who wants to ensure that you are not overpaying, get the business to take ownership of spend through chargeback/showback, and save time in your cloud team


1,999 /cloud/year
  • Cloud spend up to 100.000€ / year


9,999 /cloud/year
  • Cloud spend up to 1,000,000€ per year


Custom /cloud/year
  • Cloud spend over 1,000,000€ / year

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

… and we mean unconditional. Simply let us know within two months that you are not satisfied and we will refund the full purchase price. 

Top Features

The services are identical – we just allow more time for analysis and workshops due to the increasing complexity with increasing spend.

Focus on the workshops differ – they will be tailored to your questions and issues.

Not sure what is right for you?

Select the product that matches your current spending. If you are in doubt of your current spend then order a “Starter” and we will find out together.

Maybe you are working in more than one cloud and want a bundle price. Or you simply want to know more.

We are ready to help you. Book a meeting on the button below.


Yes, getting off to a good start is crucial. Our cost-focused customers only overpay with 2-5% where new customers who have had little or no focus on cost overpay with more than a third (36%).

Additionally you can discuss your specific topics and issues at the quarterly cloud cost management workshops.

Your cloud architects will enjoy these conversations. And your CFO the results.

Our customers tell us that this is a balance where they do not need to focus on cost management too frequently, yet on the other hand it is frequent enough to become a habit that is seen as a simple routine.

If you have a larger spend you may want monthly sessions.

The short answer: You could do it yourself! Some of it! But should you be spending your time on this?

We spent a few thousand hours on your behalf, reading thousands of pages of licensing agreements, adding millions of price points, and building this into our AI tool. This allows us to crunch the numbers and work with you to implement the changes.

Maybe the question should be: Should you be spending your time on this? Or can you create more value for your company by focusing on other tasks?

Your team is already saving you millions on your cloud bill and is doing a great job.

If they are at all like our other customers, they will get three things out of working with Kostner:

  1. They will get an independent third party to quantify how good a job they are already doing.
  2. They will save time on the tedious task of trawling through new services and discount programs and can focus on tasks requiring detailed knowledge of your organization and cloud environment.
  3. They get a chance to gain insights into what other companies are doing by discussing their most pressing issues with our experts.

We understand that it sounds counterintuitive for an expert team to get external assistance. Still, even the best athletes have a personal trainer and use tools to optimize their performance. In fact, the better they are the more specialists they have to optimize their performance.

Keeping your data secure and private is fundamental to our survival as a company. We protect it like we do our own. The data you will provide us has no GDPR or security implications (no personal data, no IPs, no sensitive information).

A majority of Danish C25 companies have worked with us. Companies in 9 European countries have worked with us. We want to protect the trust we already got from these companies.

Independence matters. We have no conflicts of interest. 

We are not limited by partnership agreements with cloud providers, we don’t get a commission of your cloud spend, and reducing your cloud spend will not limit our revenue in any way.

Also, all we do is cloud cost management. Our focus will not be distracted by having to build or operate your environment.

More Questions?

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