Cloud Intelligence

Cloud Intelligence

Understand and reduce your Cloud Costs. We process your data, generate insights and optimization recommendations, then present you with the findings and actionable insights.

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Start managing your Cloud spend today


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Understand how you use Cloud today

Understand Current Spend

What are you currently spending on cloud? Do you have a breakdown of what your spend look like in terms of product groups, subscriptions and so on?

Track Trends and Major Changes

Staying updated on all major changes and trends to cloud is essential if you want to avoid unexpected inflations in cloud costs.

Understand Consumption Patterns

Are your servers kept on 24/7? Do you use scaling services? How much of your environment is IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS?

Reduce your Cloud Spend

Optimal Use of Consumption Models

Cloud Providers offer multiple consumption models: Pay-As-You-Go, Reserved Instances, Unlimited Usage etc. For constant or increasing workloads, there are large savings to be had by utilizing consumption models other than Pay-As-You-Go. However, identifying which workloads would benefit from this, and exactly which type of model and duration to choose is non-trivial. That is where our AI comes in. We typically see savings of 30-50% for Virtual Machine workloads, and up to 80% in Unlimited Usage services like Bandwidth.

Optimal Licensing of Services

Even though easy license management is seen as one of the benefits of Cloud, it comes at a (very) steep price. One way to save large amounts is to re-use existing on-premises licenses in the cloud. Either through Bring-Your-Own-License programs or options like Microsoft Azure Hybrid Benefits. However, knowing when to use these, and when not to – including ensuring license compliance – is complicated. The savings though are potentially huge.

Location, Location, Location

Cloud costs vary between regions. For some services like Virtual Machines, the price difference can be 35% or more. If your services are not latency-sensitive, and your data policy allows it, placing commodity workloads in cheaper regions can lead to large savings.

Service Choice

Many cloud services exist in different generations. Typically newer generations are 10-20% cheaper than the generation they replace. Making sure services are upgraded to the newest version is a good way to save. However, with thousands of services to track, varying in availability between dozens of regions, this is a task best left to AI.