Kostner uses Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in order to provide you with a complete analysis of your virtual server environment.


On top of the accurate overview of the entire environment, utilization and cost of your virtual server environment and cloud cost comparison we provide a detailed report on specific hardware and software optimization actions that needs to be implemented to ensure with savings on your entire environment. Concrete steps to be implemented to ensure you harness the potential of the optimization.


Kostner has created an AI based Analytic tool, that allow us to perform a complete analysis of your – or your customers´- server environment. We extract metadata from your management systems, and send the data through our analytics engine. This enables us to provide you with a complete illustration of utilization and cost for the environment as a whole, and for each cluster, and each virtual server.


About Kostner

The team behind Kostner has spent more than 10 years consulting with some of the biggest technology companies in Denmark and abroad on Cost Optimization.

We believe that Cost Optimization Consulting is about having the necessary technological insight to understand where there is potential, and having the right tools to identify cost saving actions that are easy to implement and quickly yield results on our customers’ bottom line.

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