FinOps for Managers

Free live webinar Thursday March 2nd, 2023, 11.00-11.30 AM

FinOps for Managers

… is for every manager who has a cloud budget (Azure, AWS, Google) that they want more control over.

Learn how to make a FinOps roadmap in only one hour where you’ll already see the first results within 30 days without overburdening your team.

All of this:

  • without overburdening your team.
  • without investing in a tool that doesn’t get used.
  • without a consulting gig that leaves a Powerpoint in your drawer.

If you are ready to see results and stop overpaying – this is the webinar for you.

Learn how to measure the effect of FinOps in a way that you can document you and your team’s progress and get credit for your results.

… and reach a level of FinOps initiatives you wouldn’t have thought possible before.

Webinar FinOps for Managers

Join our webinar FinOps for Managers!

Join our webinar to wrap your head around FinOps and get started on it asap.

Within the 30-minute webinar you’ll learn how to: