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We guide you to cost savings in one week on your cloud costs (Azure, AWS and Office 365). This will only take you a few hours, from data collection to implementation. Also, you will get a Cloud Cost Efficiency Certificate, recognizing the savings you have already implemented.


Enjoy the satisfaction when you check off “cost optimization” from your to-do list and move onto other tasks.


Savings in hours not months. Don’t spend your time reading cost documentation. Spend your time where it counts.


See real cost savings immediately. We cover every angle – also those you didn’t yet know existed.

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Not only do you save time, you also benefit from the latest discount models faster.

What would you like to save on first?

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Savings in one week


We guide you through data collection in 20 minutes


We crunch the numbers, identify all relevant savings and specify the required actions.


We guide you through understanding and implementing the savings.

… and Friday you can watch your spend drop and get ready for the weekend.

We got savings done

Getting cloud costs right is critical for our success as a SaaS company. Kostner Group is a trusted advisor of MyBlueLabel cloud services. With very little effort on our part we were able to implement these recommendations. After just a few days we could visualize the cost savings in the Azure management portal. I highly recommend using Kostner Group for cloud service optimization.

Kenn Milton

CEO, MyBlueLabel (SaaS)

“As a CIO you really want to work with business to deliver value. The challenge is that delivering a cost optimized infrastructure is “license to play”. This is where Kostner helps us. We can now document financial prudence and my cloud team only needs to spend a few hours every quarter implementing the recommendations from Kostner. Never was cost optimization easier or faster!”

Torben Kjær

Group CIO, Aller (Media)

Free Resources to help you save

Saving on cloud can seem like a daunting task. The cloud providers are doing what they can to make it complicated – we will try to even the playing field just a bit.

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