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We imagine you might have some questions, for starters – Who is Kostner?

We do Cloud Economics, that is Cloud Cost Management and Decision-making support for Cloud strategy – with a financial management focus. We work directly with clients of all shapes and sizes, and we aggregate and publish our insights in whitepapers like the one we published with Interxion.

We are completely independent and do not sell any services related to migrating or operating cloud environments.

We exist to protect our customers from overpaying for cloud services, and from costly decisions about their multicloud strategy that could be avoided. 



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Are you overpaying for cloud? Find out with this checklist of common mistakes.

Working with Kostner

Torben Kjær
Group CIO, Aller (Media)
CIO of the Year 2017 (DK)

“As a CIO you really want to work with business to deliver value. The challenge is that delivering a cost optimized infrastructure is license to play. This is where Kostner helps us. We can now document financial prudence and my cloud  team only needs to spend a few hours every quarter implementing the recommendations from Kostner. The best thing is that my cloud teams are looking forward to the quarterly sessions and the cloud cost management workshops with Kostner. Never was cost optimization easier or faster!”

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With a free assessment you get a report with your savings potential.

It is based on your actual current consumption of cloud services and publicly available pricing and discount options analyzed by our experts with our AI tool.

You only need to spend 15 minutes on a video-call with us to download the detailed billing data (Azure, AWS or Google Cloud).

No magic – just data.

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