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Digital Marketing Manager B2B

Are you a digital marketing consultant or manager with potential to become the best in your field? Would you love to join a small technology and analytics company with international traction and lead our marketing efforts towards our ambition to become global leader in our niche?

If so Kostner is just the place for you. At Kostner we develop AI solutions to help companies save money on their IT infrastructure, so they can invest time and effort in creating value for their customers and our societies. Our customers are large, international enterprises, and we partner with some of the biggest companies in the world.

We want to be the best at digital marketing too. That’s why we need you! Now!

Job and Responsibilities

You will be responsible for our marketing and involved in everything related to marketing, branding, visual identity and external communication.

Your job is focused on executing our strategy and digitizing this as much as possible. We expect you to be involved in this hands-on until we are ready to add members to your team. You will be responsible for implementing and extending technology used for marketing and managing your budget as well as implement a meaningful KPI for “bottom-line impact”.

Your primary responsibility is executing and automating our digital marketing strategy, including:

  • Implement and manage our web site (new version must be implemented)
  • Develop and Execute our content strategy
  • Optimize our web site and language for SEO
  • Manage our blog and social media
  • Generate leads and follow-up with sales campaigns
  • Execute nurturing campaigns
  • Use ads on relevant social media

Over time we will add outbound activities to fill up our prospect pool as well as expansion/nurturing activities towards existing customers.

If you are the right person you will likely think that this list is not exhaustive nor 100% correct. We expect you to take charge of how we reach our business goals. Also, if you check out our web site and social media presence you will surely see that there is room for improvement. We need you to build the best, coolest, most automated marketing engine, driving our business growth!

Personality and Qualifications

Before meeting you, we expect you to meet these criteria

  • Experience with digitized, inbound marketing based on content
  • Experience with Google Analytics and Adwords
  • Relevant Bachelors or master’s degree
  • Fluent English (Written and Spoken) – corporate language
  • You recognize yourself in the “What we look for in our people” box below.

Application Process

Please apply by e-mail to .

Please send your application as soon as possible. We will commence interviews shortly and until we have found the right candidate who wants to join us and show the world how it is possible to build the coolest marketing engine when you have the right product.

About Kostner

We can’t wait to meet you and tell you more about what we do, our unique product and how we help our customers. A few things about ourselves below.

What we do for our Customers

We help companies save millions on IT.

The complexity and scale of IT is making it impossible to get a clear picture of costs. A wrong decision is more costly than ever before, and we will see projects, management careers, and companies’ financial results ruined as a result.

At Kostner we develop AI solutions with actionable recommendations on how to save money in the short and in the long run, so that companies can spend their money and time on solving the real problems of our world – not paying for misconfigured or mismanaged IT infrastructure.

What we look for in our people

1. High potential: You are smart, understand highly complex issues and are driven to continuously improve your skills to become the best in your field.

2. Thorough. You work thoroughly and ensure quality in your work. You go in enough detail, balancing risk of errors, effort to avoid them and the value errors would represent.

3. Un-intimidated: You trust yourself and your work enough to present the same conclusions whether this is internally or to a global enterprise customer, or whether it follows or speaks against conventional wisdom.

How we work

1. We use numbers to learn and to tell a story that others understand and remember.

2. We check our work before delivering any results to a colleague or client – we don’t want to waste their time.

3. We study every week to become better in our field of work so we can deliver more value to our clients.

4. We think productivity. We improve our use of technology and processes every week, have daily rituals of productivity and help each other being productive so we can reach business and private goals.