Decisions about where and how to run IT now and in the future have massive financial and strategic impact. As such, these decisions should be made on a deep understanding of current environment and future needs and possibilities. Not vendor-driven agendas.

At Kostner we use AI and Big Data to objectively answer the important questions within IT:

  • Where are you today? Baselining and benchmarking costs and configurations
  • Where are you going? Simulating your environment running on new platforms
  • How can you reduce costs? Reducing consumption and choosing the best technology, license, or lifecycle strategy.

We create real value for our customers. Our results are tailor-made for you, and easily implemented. We rely on the Pareto or 80/20 principle, to focus only on what creates the greatest value.

Not only is our AI-driven delivery model different. So is our business model.

At Kostner you can’t buy consulting hours. We deliver outcomes, and charge according to insight value and cost impact.

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