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At Kostner we wish to promote good decision-making and good decisions. We believe utilizing Data, Analytics, AI and other tools are essential in cutting through complexity and getting at the facts.

We have analyzed dozens of IT environments ranging from massive IT Service Providers and Financial Institutions, to NGOs and medium sized enterprises. These environments comprise tens of thousands of servers, exabytes of storage, and savings potential in the tens of millions of dollars.

We want to share some of the insights gained with you.

Key Insights from our data


Public Cloud is Expensive

Cloud is all the rage these days. Cloud First is the battle cry of Microsoft, Amazon, and Gartner. However, when simulating Infrastructure-as-a-Service items like VMs, SQL Servers, and Storage, our data shows Public Cloud to be 2,5x—3x more expensive in a lift-and-shift scenario.


Hardware should be replaced every 2 to 3 years

Server Hardware comprises a smaller and smaller portion of overall IT costs. However, as most infrastructure software cost is driven by CPU configuration, keeping aging machines around to “sweat the assets” is a very expensive strategy. Break-even time is somewhere around 2,5-3 years, not the 4-5 years we see in customer environments today.


SQL Server is more expensive than Servers, OS, Power and Cooling… Combined

When we do License Optimization Simulations, we look at applications like SQL Server. On Average a customer today spends as much on SQL Server Software Assurance as they do on Server Hardware, Power and Cooling, and Operating Systems. Combined. Keep this in mind when choosing what to optimize first.

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Government Entities are more cost efficient than Private Enterprises

This one is counter-intuitive. We all know government entities are terribly inefficient, right? Not so for IT. The beauty of data, however, is that they do not lie. Even when correcting for special discounts in education and other government licensing programs, they still come out ahead..

Highlights from our Speaks


Mikkel Naesager, CTO at KOSTNER

VMWorld Barcelona, 2017


Mikkel Naesager, CTO at KOSTNER

VMWorld Barcelona, 2017

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