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Cloud is driving a lot of digitalization across all types of business. There is a risk that these efforts are slowed down by cost overruns and internal discussions. But it can be avoided – with only a few hours every quarter.


is the average budget overrun

More digitalization for the same money?

In essence, cloud cost management is about keeping your costs at the right level by managing this equation:

Cost = Price * Quantity

Nobody wants to be overpaying. If you can reduce unit prices by 20% this means you can get 25% more digitalization for the same money.

If you, as an IT leader, ensures and documents that you are buying at the right price, then you can focus discussions on business matters:

Reduce prices paid and discuss what to use the extra money for.

Kostner Cloud Cost Management

Kostner Cloud Cost Management helps business-minded CIO’s reduce unit prices and document cost efficiency in Azure, AWS and GoogleCloud. To highlight a few of the elements:

The best thing? Your cloud team only spends three hours every quarter to avoid overpaying. The payback time for our services are weeks or a few months.

This will give you more time and money to build cloud solutions and you will spend less time on cost management and internal discussions.

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“As a CIO, you really want to deliver business value.”

You might get some inspiration from Torben Kjær, CIO of the year in 2017, whom we have worked with for several years.

Torben has led a transition from a traditional on-prem environment to a hybrid cloud environment with a significant Azure and AWS presence.

“As a CIO, you really want to work with business to deliver value. The challenge is that delivering a cost-optimized infrastructure is a license to play. This is where Kostner helps us. We can now document financial prudence, and my cloud team only needs to spend a few hours every quarter, implementing the recommendations from Kostner. The best thing is that my cloud teams are looking forward to the quarterly sessions and the cloud cost management workshops with Kostner. Never was cost optimization easier or faster!”

Torben is too modest to mention that he has been proactive in managing the cloud costs even early in the transition. He used the independent review of his cost efficiency to help move the discussion from “how much are we spending” to “are we spending on the right things,” which keeps everybody focused on the target of leveraging these new platforms.

“The independent review from Kostner helped us keep the focus on business value.”

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