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Kostner has created an AI based Analysis and Optimization tool, that allow us to perform a complete optimization analysis of your server environment.

We extract metadata from your management systems, and send the data through our analytics engine. We combine the information from you with up-to-date license models, hardware capability information, and availability requirements. The result is an analysis that provides a complete picture of both configuration and financial performance of the environment Now, how it Ideally could be, and the Steps to implement to get there.

Status Now

A Complete picture of Utilization and Cost for the environment as a whole, for each cluster, and indeed for each Virtual Server

Ideal Scenario

What potential exists? What are the savings achievable? What Clusters need upgrading? Where does excess capacity drive unneeded software usage? Which database servers should be moved? Where could a cheaper license be used? Are there unused or underutilized licenses in our Enterprise Agreements?

Steps Needed

Specific actions on a per server, per host, or per cluster basis that enable you to achieve the Ideal Scenario and the savings associated with it.