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Engaging with your customers with the right insights is the key for having a relevant and mutual beneficial conversation with customers. We have created a tool that in a few easy steps will give you insights that will take your customer interaction to another level. Demystifying public cloud prices, true On-prem costs, hardware refresh rates and consequences with software licenses can elevate your engagement with your customers. Are you ready to become our new partner and a true Value Added reseller.

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We have pre-defined services and also the possibility to work with you as a partner and tailor a service with the content that fits to your needs, so you and your team can deliver the best possible experience to your customers. Engaging with our partners is important to us to ensure we provide the best possible solution so you can service your clients.

Cloud Cost Comparison

Compare running in the public cloud to your costs running on-premises. We simulate your environment running in AWS and Azure, and give you a transparent specification of your current costs calculated on list prices.

cloud cost comparison

Cost Efficiency Index

Get an accurate overview of the configuration, utilization and costs of your virtual server environment. We give you a transparent specification of your environment and your current costs as well as compared to your cost running in the public cloud. The Basic Cost Efficiency Index is based on list prices.

Cost Avoidance

On top of the accurate overview of the entire environment, utilization and cost of your virtual server environment and cloud  cost comparison we provide a detailed report on specific hardware and software optimization actions that needs to be implemented to ensure with savings on your entire environment. Concrete steps to be implemented to ensure you harness the potential of the optimization.

cost avoidance optimization
Hardware Renewal

Hardware Renewal

With each new generation of Hardware, the amount of Memory and effectiveness of each CPU core goes up. What this means, is that you can run the same amount of workload on less hardware. Typically 20-30% less hardware for each generation. Microsoft licenses, and VMware perpetual licenses, are CPU based, so the cost does down as the overall number of CPUs and Cores go down. These are quick savings, implementable with no downtime for virtual clusters.

Technical Debt

Technical Debt (out-of-support or nearly out-of-support HW/SW)

As Operating Systems and Applications like SQL Server age, they eventually no longer receive security updates from the vendor. Knowing how many, and which, of your servers fall in this category is critical information for any IT manager. Not all can be mitigated, but all should be known. We gather this information without having to access each server and without installing network sniffers or agents.



One of the key parameters in determining cost efficiency and disaster recovery capability is understanding utilization of your platform. We look specifically at Memory and CPU utilization. Memory is almost always the constraining factor, and it often has 2-3 times higher utilization than CPU. CPU, however, determines software costs. The balance of these two utilizations, and making sure utilization matches your High Availability requirements is a key insight.

Current Platform Cost

Current Platform Cost

Knowing your on-premise costs exactly – not “average per VM” – but down to the cost of each individual server, is key to making good decisions about on-premise optimizations, or moving to cloud. We calculate an accurate cost picture based on your exact hardware, virtualizer, and OS setup. We price each cluster, and each server within the cluster. We use the latest prices and software license rules, and we allow for things like hardware depreciation and power/cooling and housing.

Configuration Overview

Configuration Overview

How many servers do you have running? How many clusters? What is your virtualization rate? These questions and more can easily be answered with our configuration overview.

Cloud Cost Comparison

Cloud Cost Comparison

Take the guesswork out of what your costs might be when running in a public cloud. We simulate your environment in a complete lift-and-shift, matching your on-premise servers with their closest cloud comparables on a range of paramaters from configuration to performance to OS and applications. Make decisions about what to run where, as the comparison is at the server and cluster level, you’ll never lack for detail.



Do you have a clear understanding the current carbon footprint of your IT infrastructure, down to the individual server level. In our most advanced solutions, carbon footprint reduction is an integrated part of the optimization recommendations.



In order to be truly useful for you, our analysis are completely hardware and software agnostic. We support both VMware and Microsoft virtualizers, all hardware manufacturers, and all OS’s. Our recommendations are based on the choices you want to make when it comes to hardware and software.


Below we have listed our pre-defined products with their services. The services can be tailored into a product delivery that fits you needs. We look forward to having a conversation in regard to how we can serve your organization needs.

Cloud Cost Comparison Basic Cost Efficiency Index Advanced Cost Efficiency Index Cost Avoidance Optimization
Cloud Cost Comparison
Environment Documentation
Accurate bottom-up Cost Benchmark (List Prices)
Accurate bottom-up Server Cost Benchmark (Your Prices)
Application Cost Benchmark (Your Prices)
Customized report on specific optimization actions
Specific software optimization actions
Specific hardware optimization actions
Hardware refresh optimization
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