Avoid overpaying and stay in control of your cloud costs. If you spend just three hours per quarter on the Kostner Cloud Cost Management Service, you will have more money and time for digitalization in your business.

Cloud Cost Management as a service - Pricing

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Unlimited cloud spend

Save time and discuss advanced topics with an expert while saving money. Great for experienced individuals and teams.


per cloud per month

(paid annually)


Unlimited cloud spend

Get a tailored cloud cost management service with focus on price and quantity. Well suited if you negotiate prices at enterprise level.

Custom pricing

Cloud Cost Management as a service - Pricing

Most Poupular


Cloud spend < 100.000 €/yr

Make sure you cover the essentials,  are not overpaying, and have an expert to guide you.


pr. Cloud pr. year


Unlimited cloud spend

Save time and discuss advanced topics with an expert while saving money. Great for experienced individuals and teams.


pr. Cloud pr. year


Unlimited cloud spend

Get a tailored cloud cost management service with focus on price and quantity. Well suited if you negotiate prices at enterprise level.

Custom pricing

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15.996€ / Cloud / Yr


Custom Pricing

Cloud spend



Services per year


4 – 12 

Online workshops

4 * 2,5 h


Savings implementation hotline

Cost efficiency rating

Savings recommendations essentials

Savings recommendations advanced

Automated data collection

Optimizations based on negotiated prices

Manageability review (cost tracking)

Cost Architecture Review Workshop

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Just starting on FinOps? Let's find out what you need

Book a free meeting and we will find out what suits you and your company. 

… Well on your way in your cloud journey? See examples of which package suits you further down on the page: Proffesional or Enterprise

Here are some examples of what you could need when you are just starting out:

You want to understand the essential concepts of price optimization, get the right processes in place from the start, and have the chance to discuss all kinds of issues with experienced cloud cost professionals. We suggest that you plan subscription start as soon as you have your first workloads moved to the cloud. This is a great way to get things right straight from the start.

You primarily want reassurance of not overpaying and get a chance to ask an occasional technical question. For a reasonable payback period we recommend that you spend 15-20.000€/year or more

Your spend may not be overwhelming yet, but any saving can be used as fuel on your rocket. Also, it is useful to understand the unit economics in an early stage, so you know you are growing towards profit.

Typically, your outsourcer do some sort of optimization, but you want a review of their optimization and sometimes a second opinion on technical matters. You should consider this if you spend 25-30.000€/year or more.

The public cloud providers are not exactly trying to make your life easier. You know that, but are not certain if there are enough savings to warrant working with Kostner.

Try our service or a free assessment, and if there is not enough in it for you to stay on a paid plan simply let us know. It will cost you nothing, and you might even learn a thing or two.

There could be a number of specific issues for you that could warrant other considerations. Please book a free meeting to learn more about our services:




The professional package is for all companies with a larger cloud spend. You or your team understand all the essentials – and therefore you also know that there is no chance you can cover all the details and know all the fine print. What you really need is to spend much less time on cloud cost management and get a chance to discuss the advanced concepts with an expert with detailed knowledge and experience from other companies.

Typically you will be in one of the following roles:

You want to document cost efficiency so you can focus on discussing business in the leadership team. The savings on your budget can find better use, and your cloud team is happy to not spend too much time on cloud cost management.

You understand all the concepts, but would rather spend your time building cloud solutions. The option to tick the cloud cost management task off by investing three hours every quarter is right for you and your company.

You are responsible for managing your IT contracts. You understand that a lot of the contract management has moved to optimizing the cloud bill rather than the typical vendor negotiation process. This is a way for you to get prices optimized leading up to your renegotiation of contracts, and as an ongoing task to keep consumption down. With Kostners service you will be able to document the savings you have made for your company.

Please book a free meeting to learn more on how we can help you in your specific situation.



This solution is for companies with a large cloud spend. You have a dedicated team with deep understanding of cloud cost management.

It is a great help to save time in the busy cloud cost management / finops team and save an additional 5-10%, but you also have more advanced needs, ie. 

  • you need more frequent optimization than quarterly, 
  • you have a focus on managing quantity through showback chargeback and need data to run this, or 
  • you have an enterprise level price agreement with your cloud provider and want to include this in the optimization.

Please book a free meeting to discuss how we can design the right service for you.


You know there is nothing like a free lunch.

Of course, we hope that you will become a paying customer, but only if it makes sense for both of us. With the free assessment, we can get a clear picture of whether we can be of value to you, and you will get a clear understanding of what it’s like to work with Kostner – much quicker than by reading blogs and marketing materials, and withouth the hassle of sales meetings.


It isn’t a free trial, it is a free assessment.

Therefore, no hidden subscription, no credit card required.

If after the free assessment, you want to become a paying customer, that is something you actively have to sign up for.

Keeping your data secure and private is fundamental to our survival as a company. We protect it like we do our own. The data you will provide us has no GDPR or security implications (no personal data, no IPs, no sensitive information).

A majority of Danish C25 companies have worked with us. Companies in 9 European countries have worked with us. We want to protect the trust we already got from these companies.

Yes, getting off to a good start is crucial. Our cost-focused customers only overpay with 2-5% where new customers who have had little or no focus on cost overpay with more than a third (36%).

Additionally you can discuss your specific topics and issues at the quarterly cloud cost management workshops.

Your cloud architects will enjoy these conversations. And your CFO the results.

The short answer: You could do it yourself! Some of it! But should you be spending your time on this?

We spent a few thousand hours on your behalf, reading thousands of pages of licensing agreements, adding millions of price points, and building this into our AI tool. This allows us to crunch the numbers and work with you to implement the changes.

Maybe the question should be: Should you be spending your time on this? Or can you create more value for your company by focusing on other tasks?

Your team is already saving you millions on your cloud bill and is doing a great job.

If they are at all like our other customers, they will get three things out of working with Kostner:

  1. They will get an independent third party to quantify how good a job they are already doing.
  2. They will save time on the tedious task of trawling through new services and discount programs and can focus on tasks requiring detailed knowledge of your organization and cloud environment.
  3. They get a chance to gain insights into what other companies are doing by discussing their most pressing issues with our experts.

We understand that it sounds counterintuitive for an expert team to get external assistance. Still, even the best athletes have a personal trainer and use tools to optimize their performance. In fact, the better they are the more specialists they have to optimize their performance.

Independence matters. We have no conflicts of interest. 

We are not limited by partnership agreements with cloud providers, we don’t get a commission of your cloud spend, and reducing your cloud spend will not limit our revenue in any way.

Also, all we do is cloud cost management. Our focus will not be distracted by having to build or operate your environment.

If you have made an annual commit you may think that price optimization does not matter as long as you stay within that commit. That is actually not true.

If you optimize your spend and have extra money to spend within your annual commit, then you may buy reservations paid upfront for the coming year(s). If you do so you will still spend the annual commit for the committed period, but will then get a very low cost year once the commit period is over, because you will have paid a large part of that years spend up front.

If you have outsourced your IT the task of cloud cost management exists anyway. Frequently, it is included in your outsourcing contract in one form or another.

However, you should be aware that your outsourcing provider will easily be distracted because you will more likely talk to her about operations or developments, rarely on cloud cost management. True?

If so, they simply do not have the focus on cloud cost management, and from a financial perspective it will cost them money because they get a provision of every € you spend on cloud.

Working with Kostner will give you the necessary background to understand the tasks of cloud cost management and ensure that you with your outsourcer at least quarterly will focus on cost.

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