Kostner Quarterly Insights

Get independent facts about how money are spent in technology.

What is Kostner Quarterly Insights?

Need inspiration for managing your cloud cost? Kostner Quarterly Insights is for you who wants control of your cloud costs and is looking for a data driven approach to understand your performance, learn and improve.

Kostner Quarterly Insights is focused on sharing data that will help you price optimize your cloud environment, like

  • How much are others paying for cloud services?
  • What are the biggest saving options most companies are missing?

Whether you are an IT leader, FinOps professional or otherwise interested in the financial management of cloud we are sure that this will be helpful in your efforts and save you some time.

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Kostner Quarterly Insights

Kostner Quarterly Insights provides you with benchmark data on public cloud (Azure, AWS) usage. 

Download the report to:

… and our comments on “How to use the data”.

Even companies with dedicated Finops teams can save more than 10% every year!​

Cloud Cost Management is not a one time exercise. The dynamic nature of cloud requires ongoing optimization to ensure you are not overpaying.