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Save at least 10% of your cloud costs by getting saving recommendations ready to implement based on your current spending. Our AI solution filters through the endless options, helps you save time, and remove uncertainty on how to best save on your next Azure/AWS bill.

Maximize cost savings

Save time

Be the cloud cost hero

Kostner Save Stakes

What is the cost of making a wrong decision?

The high complexity in cloud pricing models increases the risk of making a wrong decision, or not making one at all. What to do then?

Kostner Save Value Proposition

Quick actions to save time and money

Get clear recommendations

We provide you with a list of specific actions to implement

Meet your cloud cost guide

Ask all your questions and remove any uncertainty

Become the cloud cost hero

Get it done and spend time on more important tasks

Kostner Save Plan

Three simple steps to saving with confidence

Send your usage data

Securely upload your company’s usage data.

(Estimated time: 10 minutes)

Obtain your results

You will receive a walk through of your results

(Estimated time: 30 minutes)

Implement and save

Implement the savings with confidence

(Estimated time: 1 hour)

Kostner Save Lead Generator

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Kostner Save Guide

“You often have to argue whether something was a saving. My life is too short to argue with people”

Mads Madsbjerg Hansen, CIO FLSmidth

35% of NASDAQ OMXC25 Companies Served

More than €50 million saved

We care about helping our customers save money and the cloud cost heroes to be recognized for wrestling the complexity.