Cloud Cost Management as-a-Service

Avoid overpaying and stay in control of your cloud costs. If you spend just three hours per quarter on the Kostner Cloud Cost Management Service, you will have more money and time for digitalization in your business.

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Kostner Cloud Cost Management

Kostner Cloud Cost Management is essentially outsourcing your price optimization on Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud while maintaining full control.

Quarterly, you will get savings recommendations ready to implement. You can discuss these and other cloud cost related topics with your experienced cloud cost architect in online workshops.

The entire process will only take you or your cloud team three hours every quarter.

The result? 

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Easy and Risk Free to Get Started

You want to focus on delivering business value, but you know that you need to manage cost. Our Cloud Cost Management service is designed to make your life a little easier:

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Why would I need cloud cost management?

This is a great question – and we do have just a few points that you should pay attention to:

Note: There is so much to be said on why you – and all other companies – need cloud cost management. Visit our blog if you want to dive a bit deeper or get FinOps Trends in your mailbox:

There are a few other things to it, but this is the core of cloud cost management.

What is the core of Cloud Cost Management?

Since you are reading this, you surely have a good grasp of what cloud cost management is. However, we want to outline how we look at it, just to make sure we are on the same page.

In essence cloud cost management is about keeping your costs at the right level by managing this equation:

Cost = Price * Quantity

Price is about keeping your unit costs down, ie. getting the service you need as cheaply as possible. In cloud this is about applying reservations (which can save you 70%+), bring your own licenses (savings up to 90%+), shared resources (Savings at 60%+), and much more. 

Quantity is making sure that you are not buying more than you need. This can be shutting down development or test servers when they are not being used, scaling up BI servers only during the nightly load, and closing down production servers when business no longer needs them. It can also mean archiving data from expensive storage to cheaper lower performing storage etc.

There are a few other things to it, but this is the core of cloud cost management.

Managing prices is at the same time very simple, very complex, and constantly changing.

  • Very simple, because once you know how to buy as cheaply as possible you do not need to involve the business. Also, getting the savings done is a matter of adding a few checkmarks in your cloud portal. Some changes may require a service window – many won’t.
  • Very complex, because the cloud providers – intentionally or not – make their pricing and discount models extremely complex and with daily changes. You have hundreds of thousands of services, millions of pricepoints and thousands of fine print terms and conditions. What this means is that finding out how to buy as cheaply as possible is like finding a needle in the haystack. It is doable, but very time consuming.
  • Constantly changing, because the cloud providers – intentionally or not – is introducing new services, prices and discount models on a daily basis. The changes are not even consistently communicated, so sometimes you only find out when you research the cloud portal – if you do that.

Managing quantity is complex, but in a very different way. When you want to rightsize, downsize, or perform lifecycle management, you cannot do so without involving the business. Not sure with you, but most companies experience it to be time consuming and very difficult to get decision makers to shut down systems or servers, to say yes to lower performance, or any other service degradation.

Kostner Cloud Cost Management-as-a-Service

If you sign up for Kostner Cloud Cost Management-as-a-Service this is what you will be getting:

You can read more in the sections below – or book a free meeting to learn more.

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The spend overview section is aimed at providing you an understanding of:

  • Overall cost trend
  • Main categories of spend
  • Main items of spend

This will help you understand where you are heading and where to focus your efforts.

This is your documentation for:

  • How much you already saved
  • Your overall cost efficiency (like an energy rating)

You can use this to be confident that you are buying at the right prices and stop discussing if it is too expensive, but rather how much you are using.

This is the meaty part. You get:

  • Overview of total savings
  • Actionable savings recommendations 

The savings recommendations are specified so they are ready to implement. We indicate if they require a service window, and all necessary parameters so you can implement the recommendations without further specification.

We include single- and multi-step savings, cover all service categories (compute, database, storage, traffic, license), and cover all optimization categories (reservations, shared services, right services, licensing, consumption models).

This is the section where you get input on your ability to manage quantity. 

  • Are you tagging all main items?
  • Can you execute chargeback/showback?
  • What are the main items to focus on?


This is where you get the chance to discuss all the content above with our cloud cost architects.

Why should I work with Kostner?

You will have your own specific reasons and benefits, but you might get some inspiration from Torben Kjær, CIO of the year in 2017, whom we have worked with for several years on cloud cost management.

Torben has led a transition from a traditional on-prem environment to a hybrid cloud environment with significant presence in both Azure and AWS.

“As a CIO you really want to work with business to deliver value. The challenge is that delivering a cost optimized infrastructure is license to play. This is where Kostner helps us. We can now document financial prudence and my cloud team only needs to spend a few hours every quarter implementing the recommendations from Kostner. The best thing is that my cloud teams are looking forward to the quarterly sessions and the cloud cost management workshops with Kostner. Never was cost optimization easier or faster!”

One of the things Torben is too modest to mention is that he has been proactive in managing this cloud costs even early in the transition. With the inevitable cost surprises most companies encounter when they start using public cloud, he used the independent review of his cost efficiency to help move the discussion from “how much are we spending” to “are we spending on the right things” which keeps everybody focused on the target of leveraging these new platforms.

Get Savings Done in One Week

… and you are ready to focus on other and more important tasks.




Collect Data

We guide you through data collection in 15 minutes. No installation, no access, no sensitive data.




Crunch Numbers

We crunch the numbers, identify all relevant savings, and specify the required actions. We do this with AI and experienced advisors.




Online workshop

We guide you through the recommendations and other topics of your choice so you can move straight to implementation.




Saving Money

You can watch your spend drop, celebrate with your team, and get ready for the weekend.

Requires no implementation at all!

A frequent barrier in most projects like this is that you need to install some sort of software, sniffer, agent, or similar or you need to give a third party software access to your cloud account.

This is not the case here!

We rely solely on billing data. They already exist in your portal. They do not include sensitive data about employees, IP-adresses or similar. It is a detailed specification of your monthly bill.

Hence, there is no implementation. We will spend 15 minutes with you on an on-line meeting to download your detailed billing specification and we are ready to go!

It only takes three hours every quarter

With our service you will only need to spend three hours every quarter to ensure that you have optimized price. Furthermore, with the results from the analysis and online workshop you will be much more effective when working on reducing the quantity of services you consume.

Each quarter we will go through this cycle and immediately you will start seeing your costs go down.

Payback in weeks or a few months

Many consulting projects takes years to earn a positive business case because everything is built tailor made. And sometimes the recommendations are not even technically feasible.

The Kostner Cloud Cost Management-as-a-Service is built differently. We have carved out everything that is standard; getting data from the portal, gathering information of all services, prices and discount models, using AI to identify price optimizations etc.

This means that you are sharing a huge development cost with all our other customers.

Therefore, all our customers realize savings that pays for the Kostner service in weeks or a few months – and on top you get everything else.

Why should I choose Kostner?