Data Collection:

The data we need is collected from your management systems by your system administrators. We do not need access to your IT environment. Data is collected using simple SQL scripts that in no way violate your IT security, and we do not collect any passwords. Data is extracted in clear text, using scripts that are easy to read and understand. This gives you a clear understanding of what data is being analyzed. We provide thorough guides and templates and help you at every step. Customers typically spend less than an hour completing data collection.

Data Processing:

We process the collected data in our platform using AI and Big Data. After we have processed data we validate the data before starting to build the actionable report.


Data will take us far but after the initial processing, we need to sit down with members from your technical or license management teams. We review findings, inquire about upcoming changes to the environment, and make sure all our recommendations are feasible for you, with your constraints and processes. We do this to make sure what we deliver is what can actually be completed.

Results Presentation:

We present our findings to senior management members and help them prioritize the projects and activities. We make sure they understand what drives costs, and what are the best options moving forward.

Customer Success:

After the confetti has landed, we make sure to keep close to your teams as they start to implement. We make sure our findings are understood and make sure to follow up before your agreements with vendors are adjusted. This way, we make sure you have the best opportunity for success.

Demonstration of our Solutions:

visual snapshot of Kostners Simulation