Services Overview

KOSTNER helps you make optimal IT decisions while cutting costs in the process

Manage Cloud Costs

Cloud Services can be very expensive if not managed properly. Cloud Cost Management (CCM) by KOSTNER creates transparency and optimizes spend:

  • Visualization and clear explanation of current spend, consumption patterns and trends
  • Optimization of Consumption models like Pay-as-You-Go and Reserved Instances
  • Optimal choice of licensing
  • Optimal use of Geographic placement of services

Choose the right platform

Base your platform decision on facts, not hype. Clarity(TM) helps you choose by giving you financial and technical insights:

  • Cost and Performance Baseline (On-Prem)
  • Cost and Performance Benchmark (On-Prem
  • Simulation of Cloud Costs
  • Simulation of New Hardware Costs

Benchmark Against Peers

Get detailed insight into your infrastructure’s performance with our detailed Baseline and Directly Comparable Peer Benchmark