Kostner uses Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in order to provide you with a complete analysis of your virtual server environment.

Ever-changing license terms and non-transparent infrastructure results in overconsumption of software. 85% of CPU capacity is wasted, and 30% of Infrastructure SW licenses are unused or underutilized.

With a focus on your Virtual Server Environment, our job starts where traditional Software Asset Management and Cost Optimization ends. We focus not only on the number of infrastructure licenses you have already purchased and how many that are in use, but on what you actually need, based on the capability of your infrastructure environment, utilization of the right license types, and identifying waste – all while respecting your special requirements like High Availability. We provide you with easy-to-implement concrete actions on a server-by-server level. This will enable you to reduce your Virtual Server Infrastructure cost by 15-25

A two-hour data gathering session is enough for Kostner to uncover your potential.

Don’t take our word for it – ask your Data!


“Working with Kostner Group has been very positive. We have become aware of our large software contracts structure and dependence of infrastructure decisions.
And we have found good opportunities for realizing cost optimization.”
Per Buchwaldt
CIO Corporate IT, Region Zealand, Denmark (2017)
“The team behind Kostner is highly competent, and have a unique understanding of the inner workings of an organization IT Infrastructure.”
Jens Almdal
Senior Vice President Group R&D, Country Manager Denmark (2016)