Our Solutions remove complexity and create real value

We create technology to analyze, simulate, and optimize IT infrastructure costs. We merge that technology with competent advisory to ensure the end result is real value, not yet another unused dashboard or consultancy report.

Demonstration of our Solutions

We believe that it is much easier to show you something, you have seen before. Instead of trying to explain it to you.

So sit back and see for yourself, exactly what our technology has to offer you and your organization.

visual snapshot of Kostners Simulation

What is Advisory as a Service

Our services are based on data from your — or your customers’ — environment. We provide you with scripts that are easy and fast to run without having to log on to your systems. We process the data through our AI and Big Data simulation software, to present you — and your customers — with a full overview of the environment with tailored recommendations. Our results will be presented to — and refined with — you ensuring that the recommendations can be easily implemented without any downtime, helping you achieve your overall strategic goals.

We´ve replaced long consultancy projects with AI, which means that our results are based on the customer´s own accurate data and delivered much faster.

This is what we call Advisory-as-a-Service.


The Delivery Process

At Kostner, we’ve taken consultancy projects that used to take months and reduced the delivery process to a matter of hours.

The information gathering process used to consist of interviews and manual calculations in Excel spreadsheets. We base our recommendations on data extracted from your environment—by you— using standardized scripts created by us. This enables us to provide you with a complete overview of your current environment and on that basis suggests concrete cost optimization projects that are easily implemented with direct results on the bottom line.