As an IT Operations Manager, I’m always looking to optimize our costs, and understand our options going forward.

In many cases, this requires not only outside competencies but also different perspectives than my own.

But bringing in help from the outside has serious drawbacks, especially the dreaded discovery phase.

This includes a vast amount of hours spent on collecting information, usually driven by either time-consuming interviews or very substantial requests for information put up on middle managers and specialists.

A positive outcome can’t be guaranteed, and the risk is on me. 

Bringing in Kostner for an assessment of our data center infrastructure costs turned out very differently.

The consultant clearly understood our business environment, our challenges, and the desired outcome for the work.

No time was wasted on long and beautiful presentations and the technology applied to data collection kept our commitment to a surprisingly low level.

The following report and debrief was concise and actionable.

It not only provided insight into very feasible opportunities for cost optimization. It also addressed the feasibility of achieving the savings and furthermore validated a significant number of areas where our performance was significantly above industry level.

The report turned up very complete, delivering both value for short-term optimization of costs and providing very important insight into the implications of potential different infrastructure strategies. Covering both software, hardware and business model.

Kostner did not transfer the risk to us but insured a win-win process from beginning to end.

Kostner’s unusual ability to merge knowledge, experience, curiosity, and technology into a positive business outcome with surprisingly little effort from my organization, is unlike any other consultancy I have worked with.

I consider Kostner a very unique and quite valuable partner, recommended especially for picky managers with a strong preference for an actionable outcome and little tolerance for nonsense.


Ole Hauris Sørensen, former IT Operations Manager, Hofor (2018)