Kostner FinOps Services

Are you looking to avoid overpaying for your cloud services and stay in control of your costs? Kostner has a range of services that will help you do just that – and save time for you and your cloud team.

Free Kostner FinOps Service

The service analyses your current cloud spend in Azure or AWS and you will get:

  • Unit prices for storage and compute so you can compare with non-cloud/private cloud price levels.
  • Cost efficiency rating on how much you already saved your company on cloud.
  • A list of potential savings you can implement to reduce your cost even further.

You will get the insights on an on-line workshop where you get the chance to discuss your specific issues with one of our experts. Also, you will get a report with the conclusions for sharing in your organization.

Together with Hitachi we are happy to offer you this free of charge.

What will it take on your side?

You have more than enough to do – we know that! Therefore, the Kostner services are designed with this in mind in every aspect. For this service all you need to do is:

  • Spend 15 minutes with us on an online meeting to download your latest cloud bill, 
  • spend 90 minutes to discuss the findings and any issues you would like to dive into,
  • and you are better equipped – in less time – for your important tasks at hand.

To answer a few of the questions we get: No, we do not install anything or get access to your environment. We only need your latest detailed billing which holds no sensitive data. And no, we do not require any credit card or sign-up for a subscription you need to cancel.

Other resources to save time and money on Cloud

If you have any budget responsibility for your IT costs here are a few resources for you:

Digital Transformation – Everything-as-a-Service

The trend is unambiguously towards everything-as-a-service (XaaS) within technology. Download this whitepaper to read more about the trends driving XaaS, and get seven actionable insights you should prepare for – two of them addressing including the challenge of financial management.

Free Live Webinar: FinOps for Managers

If you are looking to get inspiration for how to manage specifically your cloud costs join this 30-minute non-technical webinar. You will get a clear structure for your cost management activities that will help you prioritize your efforts, so you set yourself up for quick success.